The Ancients. That’s right, I have mentioned them before and, my bad, I’ve never explained who these cats are. The reason being is it is pretty much known that “The Ancients” are just that, Ancients! They are titled such in regards to the wisdom that they have gathered and refined through the Eons of Time. And the Supernatural powers they possess, which really, are called supernatural by our obsevations only, We Humans have a very uncanny need and ability to classify all we see. The world is not at all like we see it though, It’s not. Nobody can see past their nose, no one, not even me. I must remind myself that there is more to our lives than simply being upset about things.

I must constantly remind myself to pull up! Constantly! The Universe at large is indeed squeezing us from the inside out! We have no choice but to be present and witness with horror life as it is. Raw, Baby. It is so easy to get upset with people. It seems to be a feat worthy of Atlas just to make it through a day in this world! It is almost a job in order to just get past the day. No wait, it is a job. Job one. Nothing can just be easy. Ever.

I try. I mean I try very hard to be impeccable. I most certainly do. I think I should try sewing my mouth shut, try that. Perhaps that should work. My mouth knows no limits. To be impeccable means to be in control of our behavior. Always! To be impeccable means to be responsible of our actions and perhaps words too. If not, well, the alternative, not good. There are powers beyond just the law of the land that demand swift judgement. I know that sounds terrible, but I believe in this Universal of Laws. Wait, I said that wrong. I meant I personally believe their are powers, unseen forces as it were, that exist just to make judgement. I may not agree with the verdict or counter action that has been exacted to us all, but in my mind, these powers do exist, I hate that they do. This simple belief and the constant reminding myself of this philosophy helps keep me in line.

This philosophy then becomes more than just a philosophy. It becomes a monster! An all encompassing consumption. It has to be, there is no other way it could ever have a different course. The Universe at Large rewards us! Why, I do not know but in our acts to gain impeccability and the incremental personal power we gather makes me want for more. Power is gained incrementally. Personal power is indeed gained in increments. I look for these very things! But still, my goodness, to be impeccable is like climbing Mt. Everest. It is a worhty opponant. One that is as strong as you could be


For me, it’s obvious. Stop caring. Survival is a must. Only through kindness can one endure, even in the most vicious of times. Only through love do I go on. Gosh, I hope. It is terrible to never look up, even worse to not have that feeling to not want to look up, not seeing past the hour, being aware of our immediate situation, nothing to celebrate but the very seconds that make up a minute. Despair. Only through self indulgence do we really become of our being alive, of our being squeezed from the inside out! To bear witness to all that is ugly or turning what is beautiful to ugly as to register as recognizable to this mind and lot in life. Self indulgence can be applied in endless ways, it is also shown from others, of course. Wait, that is wrong. Self indulgence is induced.

What I mean to say is Self Indulgence is induced by outside forces seen or unseen, known and unknown. This is our lot in life! I’m sorry, but this is our lot in life, I cannot stress this enough. It will be a battle till we leave. I do not believe, I refuse to believe we do not, as a species know this! We know this is true. I’ve also heard it called Karma. Sure.

These outside forces have a reason to seduce you. To induce you with the pleasures that only man can experience or that has the capability to even be made aware of such a wide variety of paths concerning Self Indulgence, or what we as a group, or quite simply, humans, would call Self Indulgence. The Question in my mind is this: Is being self indulgent wrong? My answer or better my opinion will be a contradiction, we would not know of our range of debauchery unless we indulge, also we have feelings brought to us in ways from outside influence. Why? Why do natural compositions that come from our planet, our home contain such bounty? Who or what even thought of this to leave at our hands. Such Beauty will never be swayed by convention, no matter how deadly.

Indulgence is conventional. It is. That is why there are laws to limit indulgence. What I mean to say is, only man can have these most beautiful feelings concerning Indulgence, the depths of Hell Fire felt. Only humans can experience such things, we truly are, as a species unique in the ability to express love the way we do. We are the epitome of the Universe! We truly are a made to order being that has the exclusive ability to put our feelings first. It is as if our wanton desires are engraved in our DNA, to be exploited fully at a later date. We must do as much as we can to supress such feelings! Good luck.

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