I look out at that blackness that is the sky tonight. So very beautiful. Exquisite. Black Velvet. Stars, Diamonds. Endless. How very rare I ever even look at he stars at night.

Do you believe in Flying saucers? Yes, No? It matters not, I still have a story to tell and this one involves Flying Saucers. I was outside one evening enjoying a very pleasant time with my two very young boys and even younger Grandson, the night sky looked very much like this evening. It’s warm out, it is late September.

Wait a minute! I recall now that is this was not the case! We were outside, it was just before night fall actually! Yes! It was before night fall. Now I remember, it was still very bright outside! Yes! Totally! Night fall was indeed on the way but when we first saw this particular Flying Saucer, it was still bright.

So, what did we see? My kids notice it first.

“Hey Dad, look at that bright light up there!’ They said, almost in unison. I looked up! I was amazed! Something way above us was shining very brightly, but the scary part was that it went on and off slowly.

Yes. Yes that’s right! It was very much daylight out when we first saw this Flying Saucer, now I remember! While keeping my eyes glued to this slow blinking light, I could not help to notice that the clouds in the sky gave the impression something very HUGE had flown by, not just huge, no, I mean super HUGE! The clouds resembled the waves made by a fast passing boat on a quite, still lake, very shallow and also very uniform in it’s spacing, but with a twist! There were many, many waves like this! Criss-Crossing as it were,many many times! Serious Biz! No lie! I was like, Wow! I have never witnessed anything like this before and have not since seen such abstact beauty, just saying. I have no reason to lie and who could make up stuff like this anyway? I am not that bright.

“Look Dad! It’s moving!” I look up and my mind is having difficulty trying to sort out what I am now seeing! The flashing light is no longer flashing. Something that was there, a presence, whatever, was now moving at an unbelievable speed and just stopped! It again started to slowly blink its very bright white light!

I could not believe what I was seeing! I could not believe what I had just seen either! When this vehicle or whatever travelled, it moved so fast as to give the impression of becoming invisible! But, and this is huge, it was not totally invisible! No, it was not! The way in which it travelled reminded me of that movie Predator. It was almost invisible but not totally, this thing moved in much the same manner! Another characteristic I noticed, it gave also the appearance of travelling through a “Worm Hole” or that it’s appearance was actually it’s exhaust, because as I noticed it’s real appearance when it had stopped to repeat the motion of it’s slow blinking, it also left it’s movement behind, and this is impossible, how can this thing already be in one spot and I can still see it move? It was already in one spot yet it was still moving!

Now I remember! The boys and I looked on in amazement I must tell you! No one said a word! I cannot even remember how long we stood watching. Let me think, let me think. It became nightfall, but still it was a very clear evening. In silence, all of us now were seeing not just the one slow blinking light but many of them, many! As in a lot! The boys got scared and went inside, I remained solo outside observing all this, completely in awe! I probably could have stayed looking at all this happening right above me! I mean, who knew? Then I saw something that made me kind of ill to my stomach from it’s shear size and also maybe it’s color.

I want to take my time to recapitulate to you the reader of this piece to feel with me the unbelievable sight that just dropped in front of me! Very high above me and at least fifty miles away to my North, this super huge craft appears! It drops down so very slowly to expose itself from the blackness! Incredible! This thing is so big, I can feel it’s gravity! Such is its presence! It’s hundreds of miles across it’s totality! I want to very detail its appearance to you, reader! It very much reminds one of the classic shape so familiar with this craft, with these Flying Saucers. It was round, sure, but the disc part rotated very slowly but goddamn! does this thing have gravitas! Holy Poop! Look at how big this thing is!

Yes, the rpond disc part rotated, and as I write this, I can also tell you in which direction from the top, or what I can percieve as the top of this vehicle is moving and it is rotating in a clock wise rotation. There are two half spheres, almost giving the appearance of the disc shearing a big basketball in half from a wanton collision, leaving in it’s wake a half sphere on each side of the disc! Perfectly centered and like I say, miles across! The half spheres did not rotate! As this vehicle dropped down, it tilted its self to show mostly its top, yet it’s so freaking big only about half of this vehicle I could see.

Now for the freaky as hell part. Ready? O. K. The disc was shaped pretty much in the classic shape of an old school Frisbee I used to have as a kid. Convex, top and bottom, with it being tapered off wider towards the center, like if two exact Frisbees were put together mirror image and a cut in half ball to go top and bottom, placed dead center of the aformentioned mirrored discs, the rotating disc looked to me that it was put together in four Quadrants, because each quandrant, each quarter, where they connected was black along it’s edge where they connected with each other.

The rest of the Flying Saucer was …. Ready? Olive drab green. Olive drab green. From where I was standing, it looked like the outer skin of the vehicle was like a matte but it was so big, who knows? It was so goddamn big. It stayed in that position for just a minute as if it knew I was watching it. What an uncanny feeling that was. I also felt like I was being looked at through a microscope my being so small in size compared to the immencity that this thing was! I could no longer stand it and I too went in the house. To this very day, the three boys remember that night of the slow flashing lights. they were just babies then. Now they are grown men. True story. Maybe. Whatever.

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