The Ancients say to leave your fellow man alone and not meddle in their affairs, an impossible task , but at all cost, must be acheived, leave them alone. It is a most worthy endeavor, an endeavor one will invest time to daily, this most lofty of goals. You see loved ones hurting, and you want to help! You feel it is neccessary that you get involved! They, the recipient of your rightous words of wisdom, demand that they follow through, but can anyone actually help anyone? No, really, I’m asking the Question, is that even possible? And now you know why it is a goal worth striving for, to leave people alone to be what they want to be.



I myself, I am a very pushy person. I do not mean to be but when I step back to examine my behavior, I see myself as perhaps the most pushy-est (Is that a word?) dude ever! And that bothers me! I end up apologizing to people because of my wanton desire to engage and insult! I, because of my self rightousness, end up being, yes, there is no other word for it, insultive! It is most insultive to think I am any better than the next guy to insist my point of view be carried through and expect people to acknowledge my sensitivity and genious! What pomposity! It is disgusting! No Question, and it must be supressed. I do suppress it, and the only way to suppress this Demon is to simply limit my involvement with people.



I said that wrong. I only indulge this disgusting behavior when I deem someone deserves it, richly. I am a press and I hate myself because of it. People may be the way they are because of, hell, who knows, a billion different reasons. But that has never stopped me, oh no! Mr. full steam ahead! Boorish. No one needs anyones worthless advice. For one, it is insultive, of nature, to give advice to anyone, like I am so Hot. But yea, ask me anything, anything! I will have an answer.



This is what The Ancients mean when they talk about detachment from anything really. This is the same thing to me! The only true way to ever be detached is to not have relations. Leave people alone. No, it is not the same. Being detached is to be an actor of the highest calibur. Being detached to me is being profeesional, aware, but measured in responce, to weep when is neccessary. A sorcerer must always be aware of their sorroundings! This notion and pratice in real time of constantly being aware is very taxing! It is extremely hard to always be in command. The only way to be in command is to act as if you care to be in command but, in reality, The Sorcerer must not give a fig. This technique is effective. But so very, very taxing in it’s application.



Leaving people alone means just that, leave them alone. This, more than anything will be adhered to, this most cherished wisdom



Sobriety! Yes, that sobriety. The unachievable! No doubt! Is everyone just a raging alcoholic today or druggie? Short answer,uh,yea. Shameful. See, this is what I mean, it’s not my problem, I cannot have an opinion. To have an opinion means I want to change the world! I really do not have that kind of time and I was made aware of that in Spades today, so thank you very much, whoever is in charge of making me observe the obvious, my concerns and more importantly, my energy, are better placed elsewhere, than to force my terms on anyone who never asked for them in the first place. This is my character flaw. And it will be dealt with, this typing out my goals helps. This will be an ongoing thing.



Sobriety is the key to success, of that, there is no argument, this is self evident. Sobriety needs to be matured. It is incremental, by nature, but solid. Sobriety means not to be cruel, that would be worse than any alcoholic. It is easy to be cruel when you become self rightous. Self rightousness assures cruelty. Sobriety is a most high achievement. To be sober and alive means being a lover of life! To fixate on what is wrong with others is to be demented yourself. If anything pray for those who upset you, I know I do and, I must remind you, dear reader, keep your concerns for others in check. Praying for them without their knowledge, in silence, is to be a God. Peace Out.

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