Should people be unaware of what exactly a SweatLodge is, and before I interpet my version, I think it would be easier for you, Dear Reader, to google it instead, so much has already been written concerning this topic. But I will give you the basics.



Sweatlodge was introduced to me through a Yakama friend. I had know Idea what to expect from this unknown experience, but due to my curious nature and relentless quest for all things esoteric, I gladly excepted the invitation!






The lodge itself, is nothing more that a simple domed hut fashioned from small, bendable, scrub Red Willow, then coverd with blankets. A “Door” is also fashioned from more blankets Tied with rope on two corners. Very Crafty. Very sophisticated from it’s genuis in simplicity yet, the utmost in efficiency concerning capturing heat. The need here is to contain heat. Any size circumference regarding how big the SweatLodge should be, varies of course, but the one I was introduced to could easily host eight persons, so it was rather big.



All SweatLodge that I have seen are usually about four feet high at the peak of said dome. Nothng is chiseled in stone and so there is no real standard. Who cares? No one. What us important is what we are here for, not so much the construction, I totally copied ALL I was shown to make one. It took me Years to learn about this Most Beautiful of Religions. I wanted to learn! Every little thing!



It’s magic! The Lodge. It’s Power. Immediatly, after my first encounter with SweatLodge, needed to know it’s history. I fell in love, SweatLodge. I believe in many Spirits, but the Spirit that is SweatLodge, the One they call Grandfather, this is my foremost Love. My religion. This Spirit is The Epitome of Becoming Impeccable, I am sure of it! I must focus myself within this hut. No, wait, I said that wrong, I get the opportunity to focus myself within this Hut.






When I first started Sweating with other sweat hogs like me, at first I thought it was simply for the medicinal properties and the always known and historically used: Steam. Quite simply that is the gist. Prolong exposure under these cicumstances with the high heat value that steam from those oh-so-very hot stones provide once one splashes on some water! Yes! Unbelievable and incredible! I can not express enough, my gratitude for SweatLoge Medicinal Value! It simply must be experienced. It must.






As I have told you, I was invited to attend a Sweat, Great. I fell in love. I had to know more. I needed to know of it’s origins. It got so good for me to be around people like me that just loved to Sweat! You almost have to be in good shape to stay up with some of these guys! Ha-Ha. Oh my goodness.



My friend Bob showed me exactly how to use all the elements necessary to make a Sweat, how they all worked together for man, the water, those stones that carry the heat from the fire pit they come from, the wood, the Tobacoo, Sage, and Cedar.



Bob said that the Fire we use to heat the Stone People, gave a heads up to the Spirits above. To join us in prayer and help us in anyway that They can. Once the door is closed of the SweatLodge, there is indeed total blackness! For this, belongs a reason. The Spirits demand this blackness. They too are with us. Nothing, absolutely nothing can hurt us once inside SweatLodge.



SweatLodge is a time machine. To regain composure, to regain insight, to look at our lives! See what can be modified. What can be changed simply for the sake of change.






Never, ever get too comfortable, yea right! When does this ever occur? Never, but what I mean to say is this, I want you, Dear Reader, to practice this simple technique which is so effective, it opens doors because of the stripping of routine, gives a sense of Freedom! Of gaining a modicum of control of ourselves, of practicing this new found ability to deny oneself without denying anything except this most important component! Never, ever become routine! Never! We must never become so boring. Do whatever it takes, but never become predictable! Even of the most mundane engagements must be dealt with efficiently. The Idea here is not to be noticed, concerning people knowing your whereabouts!






This is exactly what I mean! How petty I have become. I conspire to be routine! Disgusting! Disgusting! Where is the sophistication in become so known, so rat race, that even the Baristas at Starlucks know you by name and what you drink, Wow! Terrible! So boring, I cannot think of anything so frickin’ boring! Once the Barista said “See you tomorrow!’ I knew my gig was up! I had to get the Hell out of there! I have never gone back. And I never will. How disgusting to be so Boring and Predictable, where is the fun in that? Unpredictable! The struggle! The need! To be Unaccessible! This is to be strived for!



Do things. Like go to a Sweat. Parachute, Something, but never, ever become predictable! Every time I step outside, it is like a new world to behold, this life we live. Peace Out.

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