Great Expectations!

Expect absolutely nothing from the Universe at Large, ever! Never! No, I take that back, expect nothing but a hard time from the Universe at Large. We pray, say nice things and for what? Nothing to show for. Expect disappointment, you can be sure of that one. We are always and forever at the mercies of very cruel powers that exist seemingly to break us down.


No good deed goes unpunished! Expect that. We are direct decendants of the Stars and the Heavens above us, but Hell if I can figure it out. Our Relatives for sure, these Stars WE rely on. We, as a species, either rely on our beliefs, or not.




We believe in what we see and do not see. Beliefs are different. Beliefs are earned or taught. Beliefs are a waste of time. Are they? Throughout my life, I have had very strong beliefs that were taught to me, not of my making, and yet, I ended up totally entranced within this so-called religion, in which, really, I never did understand, but hey, it’s a religion. I believed in it! Heart and Soul, oh yeah. I can tell you today, I know longer feel that way, haven’t in 20,000 lifetimes ago.


The belief and faith, I should say, the faith I once had, crumbled in an instant when I needed it most. It fell away like nothing, nothing at all, how lucky I was to have abandonded this faith. However, one faith replaced another. Except this faith is MY faith and will be till my last days on this planet. this most glorious of Faiths, this being my true love and devotion.


My faith is the universe at large. There is no other faith. All I can do is stand tall in high winds, be glad I am able to be that rock of stability, that Rock that gets Pounded by the ocean waves, relentlesly, built to withstand.





All I have is my blind faith going forward, I ask the Universe at Large, actually it is more like I demand, results. This is the wrong approach, it is not easy for me. This goes back to me being so very pushy, so very self centered and absorbed. This needs to stop. Why am I so slow? We must master our lives! This is a given. I am not special, this I must always put at fore of my thoughts, always. To break down the all so self important me. Impossible, For me, this is almost impossible. I seem to thrive on this self-importance bit, me writing this proves it. It is not funny, I need to stop this.




Impeccability. I must remind myself to strive for and to be Impeccable. Strive Hard. Never, ever to expect any end result to our endeavor, this endeavor to exceed ourselves, other than to be impeccable, but I am telling you right here, right now, without a person being Impeccable, I do not see how a person could gain a fig.


It’s not that easy. It’s not like some day you wake up and Pow! Your free of any bad things. Dream on! If only! You, I, the whole world, must strive to be impeccable. You cannot become a sorcerer without the desire to chase this elusive place or state of being! I say state because it is just that! It must be felt throughout the body. The ability to be invisible. The ability to be noticed! Having the keen ability to see somewhat into the future or at least controlling it. Look to be charming, to be sweet. To be comfortable being alone. To be comfortable anywhere. It truly is a grand state of being that only man can experience, but never expect a thing. WE can never drop our gaurd.


If, by chance, The Universe at Large gives us anything that just seem to pop up and really help us, then it is True Gold. You earned it. Strive. Or not. Why do some suffer so and pray so much yet recieve so little? Why do some have so much, others, nothing. Nothing but the cloths on their backs. Why? It does not matter, we cannot help our fellow man. This is not a self help! It is not! Or about instruction! Instruction IS indeed near useless! My gig is about Sorsery! It does not take much to be a Sorcerer! We are all born to know anyway!


Impeccability. The cornerstone of Sorcery.


Impeccability. The guide to channeling powers that already exist, a short cut.


Impeccability. To actually know all the spectrum of The Universe at Large, the possibilties, capabilities of yourself.


Secret. Doors open for you. But do not expect this, do not expect anyhthing. Become Impeccable for the sake of being Impeccable. Do not expect a thing because of your endeavors pertaining to this matter, do not. As Sorcerers, we still must go out into the world and deal with the mundane. This is were things get interesting, dealing with others. I have issues dealing with others but I get through it, who cares. Always do the right thing! Always! Have Faith! Always! Peace LOVE

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