The tempo of the beat is rapid but the person drumming also adjusts to the singers pace. Both the drummer and the singer(s) you can tell, take great pride in performing and yet still remain humble.

      As folks continued singing, I find myself fighting an urge to sleep. I must have succumbed. I open my eyes. I am different! I am a God. I had become God like. There is no other way to describe what I have become! I happened to look down at myself, I am naked. This God has no memory, or realization of the other self. This beautiful God has no limitations. None. This is His home, the Universe! This is His home. Marvels stream without end. The Universe has no end.  A mist, a rolling mist is gathering, becoming bigger as it continues to form. This God is witnessing the formation of Earth. The Universe cannot lie. I look to my left. A waterfall is the cause of the mist as it crashes on the blackness below it. How Beautiful this sight! The Universe and the God that I have become are One. My mind has no questions, not a one. This incredible being I have become knows of everything put in front of Him! Everything! Without Question or doubt! My body is so very Beautiful! It is! I have the ability to see myself laughing, smiling! So very strong! Traveling. Traveling was nothing more than a thought. Another method is not known. This God knows nothing of fear! He knows nothing of any type of negativity. It does not exist.

    I am looking, looking down, just looking on. I can hear a far away beat, it is almost like a rapid heartbeat. This rhythm  became louder. I must have been dreaming! I opened my eyes again. Here I am in this magnificent Tee-Pee, I never left. I was in shock! I had to control myself! I entered Paradise, and within the blink of an eye,I had returned. I felt so bad. I wasn’t dreaming. No. I was not dreaming. I had been to whatever I had seen as a God. I say God just so we can relate. I do not think I am God, it’s just I had no limits in this other world! You tell me. No way I could ever forget Paradise. 

      As much as I love the Medicine. That day I cannot forget. I felt robbed, angry even! I had gained access to Heaven. It was gone. I was back to myself. I could not think of anything else but my loss of actually being in Heaven and now…Nothing, back to life just as before. I was very upset. Very. 

      The Sun had risen over the Horizon. The door of the Tee-Pee was opened and the women brought in some water and lite dishes of food such as berries and schreaded venison, delicious! After this small meal, the Road Man informed us that we would be concluding our meeting. People said “Good Morning” to each other. I was still in shock as to what I had seen in my vision. I could not stop contemplating what I had become! I was hooked! I wanted more! I could go on about my dissapointment regarding having to return to normal everyday life, but I won’t. 

     I was in a very brooding mood, in fact, I don’t think I had ever had feelings like this before. I was very somber, totally out of character for me. Jade, the lady who had given me the use of her blankets, noticed this.

“The Medicine showed you something last night, am I right? You’re very quiet, where is that devil may care attitude. You are not the same!” I had to smile, just a little bit, she was right.

    “Don’t feel like talking?”

    I really didn’t but she has been so nice I began chatting.

“The Medicine…The Medicine, it had taken me to, I don’t know, Heaven? It was so beautiful that I kind of feel empty Being back to Earth, that’s all Jade.” I told her this as if I did not care if she believed me or not.

“This is your first meeting?” she asked.

‘Yes, My very first.”

“Some people have come here many times and they do not see visions of any sort. You come to your first meeting and are given a pretty strong vision. You should be happy. You seem sad.” Wow, Jade had nailed my mood and I immediatly apologized and did my best to be jovial, it’s just that what I had been shown and to be back to this, this every day life, I must tell you, I hurt inside. I wanted to leave. 

“I’m alright Honey. May I say something to you Jade?”

“Sure, you can tell me what ever you like.” Jade looked right at me with a beeming smile. 

“Well, it’s more a Question, What is the Medicine to you?”

“He is a spirit,Bob. He is a spirit.”

     I thanked her for everything that she had helped me with that evening. She asked me what I had thought of the meeting. I replied that it was nothing I had ever seen before, that was for sure! We both had a good laugh over that comment!

“There’s the Bob I know. Keep smiling like that always. Remember this day. It will start you down a different path. Come on, dude, Stay smilin’.”

I don’t know why but all my feelings came to the surface. After what she had said to me, I felt this energy overwhelm me. I felt so much happiness that I walked up to her. I wanted to just grab her and squeeze her I was so over the top happy but for some reason I stopped short of that and just put my arms gently around her. I thanked her for everything. I told her that my time here was so beautiful. The whole stay was incredible. We both parted ways. I left that day back for home. I felt I had come to the end of a trail, to the dead end of a path. I think I could add more to this story but no, after this day, I had completely changed. After this day, I had gone to many, many Tee-Pee meetings, many.  The End.

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