The unknown is in knowing how to live. We go through life never really knowing the truth about ourselves. Our connection to the Universe. No one tells us the truth. No one. I want everyone to know that nothing I write here is new.

I happened across this book by a Dr. Carlos Castaneda, I was amazed. His works included many books dealing with the same subject. The Unknown. I don’t want to be a book critic here and anyone can google him. As far as I know, his books are still in print. He has left this plane some years ago. He gained a big following during his Life. Dr. Castaneda also had many distractors as well. As for me, the contents within his books where like a blueprint in which to apply oneself to navigate the Unknown.

Inorganic Beings

Every single topic spoken about in Dr. Castaneda’s books fascinated me, but one topic really piqued my interest. Inorganic Beings. As described by Dr. Castaneda, these beings exist in the same time and plane as we do, the difference being that they are pure energy and can appear as anything.

I had taken it upon myself to find one of these beings. I had no doubt they existed, I would spend hours in a very remote forest hoping I would actually find one. I put myself out there. I spent whole days in the forest, trekked untold miles in search of an inorganic being, no success. None, nothing out of the ordinary. I was perplexed. I always felt that something was about to be revealed to me but….

I was working in southern Oregon at the time this little dilly happened. I would work all week, maybe two before traveling back home for some much needed R&R. Driving home required me to travel over a pass that is on an Indian reservation land and I love it! I loved stopping at this nice little cozy hide-away on the Summit that I had discovered many moons ago, that is how familiar I am with this Pass.

I get out of my car to stretch my legs. It’s a beautiful day, in the high 70’s, Sun is shining. I am looking north across this deep ravine, which really, it is basically a canyon. It is deep, and it gets steep real fast. I know this area very well and there is a road at the bottom of this ravine, perhaps five hundred feet below where I am standing. If you wanted to try to walk to the bottom, you might take a fall. Very dangerous. Be extremely careful. The land here is beautiful, lots of Ponderosa Pine, mixed with shrub oak. This is high desert. I’m looking north at this bluff across on the other side of this ravine. 

The Encounter

I see this one pine that is actually quite a bit bigger than those around it. Hmm. What I am about to tell you next is the truth. you can’t make this up.

I’m looking, just looking, when this Being jumps out from behind this tree, rapidly! I could not believe what I was seeing, it’s impossible! This thing is huge. It is. It is at least forty feet tall! This being, after popping out from behind this tree, stopped moving! I was too shocked to be scared I think, I could not look away! I could sense it knew I was here.

I want to describe this Being. It was black, it had no hands or feet. It looked like it was made from stove piping, it could bend its arm at the elbow, but like I say, it had no hands. Same with his legs, it could bend at the knees when it walked but also, again, no feet. It was all one piece like a “stick person drawing”. The most strangest feature of this creature was it’s head. It’s head was perfectly round like a marble, and in fact, the more time I spent studying this thing, I noticed it’s head was actually translucent, quite different than the rest of it’s “body”. It definitely had presence. Another thing it did was shrink down to about six foot tall and blow up again, it had the ability to do this on a whim, it kept doing this at such a rapid cycle, it started to make me ill to my stomach, I had to look away, I had the good sense to just look at it without staring, that helped. I stepped out closer to get a better view and stopped. This being did the same and was indeed mocking me, when I took a step or stopped, it did the same. this kinda scared me, why, I don’t know, But I stopped moving altogether.

Even though this thing had no eyes, I sensed it was also looking and studying my movements. The fact that it moved in a parroting fashion mimicking my moves angered me, like it had the upper hand.

Another thing that I noticed was that it looked fake, it looked like it’s being was super imposed on it’s surroundings. It just wasn’t supposed to be there! I’m thinking, “What the Hell is that thing?”, when all of a sudden it hit me like a freight train, this thing is an Inorganic Being! I felt the hair on my neck on end, I also felt stunned upon this realization. For some reason, my thoughts reverted to what Dr. Castaneda mentioned about their keen interest in our energy, that they crave it and that they react to heavy emotions such as fright or anger. He said the old sorcerers where great at manipulating these beings by controlling their fear of them and metering out their emotions. That is one statement I most definitely agree with!

There was no hiding from it, this being already knew I was here watching him. Then it moved on its own volition! It’s movements where extremely herky-jerky, that frightened me. I got the clear feeling it wanted me to meet up with him at the bottom of this ravine. Oh Hell no! My ability to keep my fright in containment was starting to wane. I could tell it sensed my fright and continued down the side of this ravine, I no longer felt safe but I managed to tell myself to keep my feelings in check.

I sensed that this thing was losing patience with my stall tactics and I could also sense it was trying to elicit fear by its movements. This being showed me it had the capability to move at near lightning speed, it would move down the side of the ravine and then retreat to its original spot as if to brag to me about this ability. It moved in a zig-zag motion and would just stop on a dime! It continued to do this and each time it repeated this motion , it got closer to the bottom of the ravine! That genuinely scared me. My car was maybe only a hundred feet away but because of this things incredible ability to move at the speeds it did, I wondered if I would be able to run fast enough to get to my car and get the Hell out of here! I bolted! I jumped in my car and got the Hell gone! I simply could not believe what I had just encountered! An Inorganic Being! Unreal! After several attempts to actually see one, an Inorganic Being appears in front of me with no warning whatsoever. God, I look back, I’m seriously happy now I did’t meet up with one. I don’t think I was actually prepared to see one, I mean I thought I was at the time but I can tell you after seeing this thing maybe not so much. After all this time, why does it appear to like this to me? Why not just appear right next to me? Why does it got to appear with this big space between us? I can’t answer these questions but I am glad I saw this being the way I did, my God that thing was very disturbing.

So if anyone says these things do not exist I can tell you they do indeed exist. I also recall Dr. Castaneda saying that to gain the special powers that these beings possess, one MUST wrestle with it till it relinquishes it strength. Good luck with that one!


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