Magic. I love the idea that we are magical beings. It has been said that Ancient Man knew of His direct connection with the universe at large. 

     That connection is still there for us. Believing in this is paramount to continue. I can tell you we do indeed have a direct connection to the universe. But don’t take my word for it, I would not want you to. You must prove to yourself that we do indeed have a direct connection to the Universe at large, and that even though this link is fragile in the beginning, it can be strengthened by acknowledgement alone. As our Energy increases, door are opened for us, we have attained the speed needed to recognize opportunity.

   Once a person accepts this, the connection can mature and strengthen.

   There are many ways to enhance this connection. Being Impeccable is one of them.  The closest thing I can compare it to is Karma.

    I’m writing these stories for entertainment and that you can see for yourself what a person can do in a lifetime. I have a ton of stories. I like to write. This is my recapitulation.

   I want people to know I am here for you. There are many ways to regain your energy. Throughout my relentless pursuit of techniques that are Esoteric in nature,or Hidden, I feel that I have something to share. I have helped many people in the past. I want to make a lot of Entries on this site in order to help people help themselves.

    I wish to say Thanks to all the people that have helped me along this path, this path of discovering a Magic that is so intense, so involving.  The depth of this Magic is Endless. It has been beautiful, the people were beautiful! All my times of attending Tee-Pee meetings and partaking of Medicine has been some of the most delightful times of my life! The people I met were so very kind and warm, all of them.  My God, the Magic I learned!  These folks showed me techniques to help others in need. I myself have had to apply these same techniques to myself in order to bolster my energy to combat disease and to regain lost energy. 

    I’m going to be writing some about this stuff!  

     One thing I do is Bless myself using Cedar and Sage combined with Fire to produce smoke in which to smudge myself. I Pray to the Four Directions for my needs as well as others. You may E-Mail me if you would like to. I will ask the Four Directions to help you, and I know They will. Please be kind. I offer this freely. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

                Your Friend, Bob Send all requests to: admin@estrellainvertida.com

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