This is where it starts

Peyote Road, From The Top!

I was so very strong, so very sure of myself, even though looking back I didn’t have a grip on anything. Or did I? At this point it doesn’t matter. What do past lives matter?

          A Story

After I received a certain type of welding certification I had been dying to get, i realized I was limitless as far as going out and looking for work was concerned, my welding cert pretty much guaranteed that I could pretty much go anywhere and get work. I was right! 

         One thing I had zeroed in on was to use Peyote, and at the time, I believed that it grew in the deserts of Arizona, God, what a nieve fool! Somehow or just a hunch I knew that the Navajo People participate in the use of  peyote.  I’d come to find out Peyote actually only grows in the state of Texas and Mexico the country. I just keep going.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I must tell you that the road I traveled to get to where I needed to be was so very smooth and I met a cast of players along the way. I think too numerous to mention at length, takes too long, like the chicky who I helped at the rest area with her car. See what I mean? Too numerous, but still, it added to the adventure. I ended up in Navajo land not even trying but simply using my intuition going south. Beautiful! Roll right into a town called Page. Love it! Wow, good looking Indian chicks everywhere! I guess I arrived! It’s a small town and I am lovin it. Work is thick, I have money and I’m in the mood to investigate. It is Beautiful here! That’s for sure.

I seem to roll into all kinds of just dumb luck, that even I can’t believe it, but I’m good with it! I stopped off at this place called Powell Lake, it’s actually quite big, it’s behind Hoover dam I think, doesn’t matter, it’s a huge lake. so anyways I’m checking out this Mom and her teen girls having issues with there camera. so I, like a scholar, a smooth one at that, kindly offer my help and ended up fixing the problem with the camera, and Mom, with her three Beautiful  oh so blonde 

teen-age daughters think I’m a God for this. I wasn’t about to disappoint. These folks had money, you could tell, because of all the toys they had and chow! I got invited to eat! Oh Hell Yea, Sure I’ll go eat some food with you folks! Yes Please! Then I got invited to jump on their personal watercraft and. And nothing! Hell Yes, again, I’m all over it! After three full days of this great fun, I finally had to break away! Damn! these people could party! I kinda got the feeling that they wanted me to go with them to there home. Damn, maybe I should have. But anyways they seemed so sad to see me part. In fact, I felt bad for leaving the way I did,oh well, the show must go on. 

New chapter, same little town. Page, Arizona, I’ts hot, but nice. I’m still trying  to deal with the surreal beauty of this place. I could go on and on. I stop off to get a soda at a small store here in Page,  when, out of the corner of my eye I see a flyer tacked to a bulletin board on the way in. I back up and I notice what caught my eye was a picture of a crane( the bird type crane) and a tee-pee. As I’m reading it, a young Navajo chick bumps into me on her way out the door, we both apologize for each others clumsiness, but is it? As I turn around to make eye contact, I got a lot better look at her beyond her just being pretty. Wow. No, she is beyond pretty, she’s delicious to be sure, oh my goodness and she is dressed old school, but with a ton of this beautiful turquoise jewelry on, I just had to immediately comment on hear beautiful jewelry! I know this style of jewelry is not cheap.

 She swept back her very straight, very black and long hair to reveal a smile so happy and said thank you. We both got a little embarrassed of the silence after words from me staring at her. We got a chuckle out of that. I quickly introduced myself to her.  She did not shy away and , in fact we engaged in dialogue. She said her name was Sky. “Like the sky above? Sky like that you mean?” “She seemed up to anything. “Yes” was her reply.  “That is beautiful, that is just a beautiful name. Hey, know what? your beautiful, just like your name, Sky”. And I  meant every word. Sky was indeed a very beautiful woman with her perfect tan and so smooth skin. her hair really stood out though. My gosh, what perfect straight hair and so very black and very healthy, Wow. This chick is got some good genetics. this is all happening in like the coarse of minutes, but I  couldn’t help thinking that this is one of those fleeting seconds that won’t amount to anything unless I acknowledge right here right now that this could very well mean something on my travels, if nothing else,it was fun.

“Why would you be interested in Peyote, that’s for Indian people”

“Well, I have Indian blood, I’m sorry for the way I look” I said with a most somber look.  She loved  that!

“Your cute”

“Your gorgeous”

  Sky had money! What is it with me and running into people with money! She had a new truck! 

“Hey Sky, I’ve got a great idea! Yea ,like lightning hit me! Why don’t you show me around this desert of yours, how about that?”

   She looked around for a second and then looked me straight in the eye and with a grand smile said “Sure!”

  I had to ask her what it is that she does, I mean I could tell she had money, she wouldn’t tell me. I didn’t ask again, she was my counter part for three days. She was exactly like me, here for a good time, not a long time, I seriously don’t understand my good fortune.

 She was so fun! She showed me some very beautiful sights in and around the Grand Canyon, like ancient buildings. She was an incredible woman. She shared a lot about her peoples culture with me and I loved that! I think she liked the idea that I was genuinely interested in the subjects she spoke to me about. Sometimes I questioned her stories, I kind of caught on she was a trickster. 

  She had a beautiful home, small but nice. We where just chilling inside her home. both of us sun drenched, I got hella dark! I seriously was having a great time. As I sat across from her she said this.

“You never answered me” 

“About what?”

“About why your interest in Peyote, why the big interest, have you used it before?”

“No, never.”

‘Then why the big interest?”

“I’m just like that, Sky, I believe in magic, and I’ve heard that Peyote is magic, is this not so, Sky?”

She didn’t know how to answer me.

” I’ve never used Peyote.” She said to me, in a very polite way, but I could tell she was actually saying that I should also drop the idea of using Peyote. Anyways, this is the kind of vibe I was getting. 

   Sky told me that she had to go on a business trip and if I would like to come along, that way I could see for myself how she made a living.

Wow! Let me tell you what, that was an offer almost too good, I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

  I lied and agreed to go, I hesitated to answer though, Sky caught that I did, she knew I was lying. I slipped away that night. Beautiful Sky, so very beautiful.

   It’s a beautiful day.  Sky had earlier told me that the peyote meet up was just ten miles down the road from where I first met her. I had it in my mind that it would be easy to find and that I should just scope out the sights, the Peyote meet up wasn’t until tomorrow.

   I thought about staying in town and driving to the Peyote meet up the next morning but my nerves were not having it! After a full day of being a tourist, I decided I would just drive to the site and camp out, that way for sure I’m going to run into someone the next morning!

    It was already very dark and getting late before I arrived at this site for the Peyote meet up. Boy, it’s dark! I pull into this open area. There is nothing here as far as I can tell but just desert, rolling hills of desert, not much vegetation.

I’m sitting in my truck, looking around and I see the silhouette of a two story home, lights on on both floors. Hmmmm, kind of strange, you know, I just thought of it, the whole drive from town to here, I never saw a house, in fact, I didn’t see this house either when I first pulled in, but there it is! I must not have noticed it when I pulled in. Still…

    I thought about knocking on the door.

   “No, better not, it’s too late” I told myself, no need to scare people.

  I decided just to sleep in the cab of the truck, it is so very nice out in the desert at night! It is so cool here. Its plenty dark but there are like a trillion, billion stars out! Unbelievable! They just shine on! I’m not so sure I’ve ever seen the night with so many stars shining! Super shining!

    I couldn’t sleep. I sat up in the truck and I did end up going to sleep, but around about two or three in the morning ,I awoke and had to urinate, drank too much water to stay hydrated out here.

    I got out from the drivers side door, I closed the door and proceeded to do my thing when I slowly raised my head I happened to catch the sight of something that scared the hell out of me! On the drivers side rear view mirror was the reflection of a man dropping out of a sort of whirling darkness. I’m trying my best to describe this and one thing I want to say this took just seconds to transpire!

    This “whirling darkness” seemed like an entity of it’s own! The man “jumped” from this whirling darkness and landed on the earth, of which was just maybe only three feet above the ground.

  As he was landing, I saw the reflection in this mirror of him looking down to assure his footing as he landed, but in doing so he gave away his advantage of surprise because I saw him! These mirrors are huge and so the image I saw was not only crystal clear, it was like looking at him as though I was facing him! Here I am with my junk in my hand, scared spitless by what I’m seeing, every nerve in my body tensed up! Every muscle on edge, I was ready to explode with fear! 

   When this guy landed, he immediately looked up, but to his surprise, I had already seen him and so he froze, same as me! This guy was young, young as me! I could tell he was Native, he had a dark complexion and straight black hair, long. His facial expression looked menacing! I thought he had something in his left hand but I couldn’t be sure of that. We looked at each other eye to eye. The guy realized he lost his element of surprise, if he meant me harm, and I’ve no reason to believe he was not! As soon as he realized he had no advantage, the “whirling darkness” appeared and he jumped in, the whirling darkness seized to exist after he jumped in. They were gone as soon as they appeared! What the ? No way! 

  I was terrified! I quickly jumped in my truck and got out my pistol and just sat straight up. Nothing beyond that incident happened that night, thank God! I did manage to fall back asleep, how, I don’t know, but the sunshine woke me up.



     I woke up , as soon as the sun cleared the rolling hills. I quickly looked around to see this land in the sunlight. there us nothing here. Nothing. Hey, wait a second, where is that house I saw last night? Man. I mean there is nothing here, just rolling hills. I have no explanation. There is no house. There is no house, what the hell? I just shake my head, I can’t believe this area. I’m not able to think about it much because a little pick-up is coming down this trail…. I didn’t see anyone come by me, I flag these two native guys down. They seemed puzzled as to why I was here. They were probably my age, maybe younger, I asked them about a peyote meeting that was supposed to be happening today. They looked at each other and spoke in their native tongue and then the driver turned to me and said that the meeting had been yesterday. My heart sank, I looked at the date and said that the date was today, I even showed  them my flyer. They both started chuckling and admitted that the meeting was indeed today, but, they were curious, why was I interested in something that was so very Indian? I kind of chuckle, I’m getting that a lot lately, questions about my pedigree. I’m glad I didn’t have to lie, I do have pedigree, It’s just that I’ve never been questioned like that. About my race. It’s all good.

 I could tell these guys where alright.

 “Isn’t my curiosity enough?” I said sweetly enough, but with conviction. It must have worked, because  they never asked again and in fact treated me with respect and regarded me as a friend. I helped them set up two tee-pees and was amazed of the simplicity of the tee-pee, yet genius! I marveled at the way everything just fell into place! This was definitely a great day for me, this journey I’m on is just amazing!  Even though I was an outsider, these folks treated me like family. I asked the Road Man or the priest, my new found friend, when does the meeting start? he said it would start very soon but we must eat first community style. Great, after all that work I was ready to eat!

      The women made some great food and I was surrounded by beautiful native women while I ate. I felt like a God! It was so fun seeing all these beautiful native girls around me! They have such a beautiful tan and such beautiful,playful eyes that giggle! They had a million questions, pretty soon we were wrestling around! I’ll never forget that day !I think looking back that that was one of my most memorial days ever! And they look so lovely in their traditional dress and all that Turquoise jewelry! It’s really quite something.I was in heaven! Soon, it was time to go inside. The meeting was about to start! Oh my goodness! I am so pumped! 

    One thing came to my mind just in the nick of time, I had an Uncle tell me that when visiting others houses of prayer, remember to be respectful and keep my mouth shut, so as not to say something offensive or contrary. While in Rome. Anyways, as we entered the tee-pee, I was basically assigned a spot to sit on. The Road Man told me the door is always towards the east, we all sat in a circular seating arrangement around the fire in the middle of the tee-pee. The road Man had two others sitting by Him, one to his left and one to his right. I would come to learn that they had official capacity. one would be the Drum Man and the other the Cedar Man. There were perhaps as many as forty people in this tee-pee! It was quite crowded yet I was comfortable enough, I guess sure, I sat with my legs crossed, like everyone else, however I did notice that most folks brought tons of blankets to sit on. Experience! They had so many stacked up under them it was like a chair. Me, I’m sitting on my Butt cheeks doing fine. Some of the women let me use their blankets, I was so grateful, Gosh,these girls are just tops! Then,it got kinda quite. 

   The Road Man said hello in english to everyone, after that he mostly spoke in their tongue, which I must tell you is nothing like anyone has ever heard, that much I can tell you! One other thing I noticed was that everyone was genuinely happy to be here to a man, and even children were their laughing and having a good time. Such a contrast to when I had to go to church as a kid! God, I hated going to church! After tonight, I would definitely know why all the joy these folks had in coming to meeting, God would I! I wasn’t really understanding what was going on, so I asked one of the girls I had talked to earlier, to keep me informed as to what was going on, I didn’t want to miss a thing. She said soon the Fire man, the person given the job of tending the fire, was about to hand out some corn husks and tobacco to make what she said was going to be a like a Prayer Cigeratte, The idea , she informed me, was not to really inhale the smoke but just to lightly draw in and release the smoke as we contemplate why we are here tonight, OK, I get it! Kind of like a symbol! I like that! The corn husks and the tobacco finally came my way and of course, not knowing really how to proceed, I just copied how the rest of the folks did it. I wanted to be sophisticated just like my friends surrounding me. They had a peculiar way of rolling the husk and tying it so as not to come undone while smoking. I noticed they peeled off a narrow section of the husk lengthwise. After they rolled up the tobacco in the husk, they took the piece they had peeled off and used it as a sort of zip tie so as to not let the cigeratte come apart. What a wonderful idea! 


Chapter Three: The Culmination Of My Journey To Know The Peyote God

As we all were smoking and contemplating things, because I don’t smoke, the tobacco gave me a slight feeling of content and happiness that was soon dashed. The Fire Man collected all the Prayer Cigarettes butts from everyone, he threw  them in the fire. It got quite again for just a few minutes, I looked around to see if I could detect any emotion from the folks here and everyone seemed to be looking down at the ground in front of them, not saying a word. Then the Road Man began to speak. He said that he was going to start passing out what he called The Medicine, which, as I would come to find out was really Peyote. I whispered to one of the girls if Peyote and  The Medicine were one and the same. She told me that this was indeed the case, but she said to me that really no one here calls it Peyote, that to call it Peyote is like kind of like addressing your Dad by his first name, no respect! From that moment on , I never called it Peyote again, I too called it Medicine.

   I saw a small ceramic jar get passed from one person to the next, it contained the Medicine. Before we got started, I remember the Road Man said to use as much of the Medicine as one needed or one could choose not to use any at all. OH Hell no! I came here to use that Medicine and believe, when that ceramic jar came around to me, I made like a Hog and chowed down! That is I tried, The Medicine was dried out and very course. The ceramic container had a small spoon to help facilitate getting it out, I fully loaded that spoon and quickly swallowed the Medicine, or at least, like I say, I tried! The Medicine was so dried out, it stuck to the roof of my mouth like I had just tried to eat a bag of cement! And the taste? Jesus, it was horrid! I wanted to spit it out but then I realized this chicky was eyeing me to see if I really had what it takes to be a Peyote Man. Holy Smokes! I had to find my balls and quick! I managed to man up and choked that Medicine down! Jesus, my eyes watered hard swallowing that stuff down! It had the consistency of dried out hay, still, with these gorgeous woman eyeing me, I wasn’t about to chalk out! No way, Jose! I used four heaping spoonfuls of that Medicine, gosh, I don’t know how I did it but I did it! I had some bottled water but chicky said it was bad form to use water and that some tea was coming around. Hurry up with that tea! I said to myself, God anything to wash this stuff down! Finally the tea arrived, and it also was brewed from the Medicine! At least it had water in it and actually was quite refreshing, in fact, I had another cup before passing it down to the person sitting next to me.

  Next, the Road Man said that we all were going to sing our Peyote songs and this turned out to be a very beautiful thing to witness, I have never, ever heard such beautiful songs! Every song was accompanied by the Drum Man drumming for the singer. It was the most peculiar type of drumming! The drum itself is an old cast iron pot about a foot high and around seven inches around, has three little nubbens for legs, it’s small enough to fit between ones legs or stand on it’s own easily in the sand. Amazing! Drummer uses only one drum stick, which also decorated with beautiful beadwork. Nobody does beadwork like Native Americans.Period.

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